How To Put Their Dhoti -
Start with the pleated sectioning in front.  For Lord Nityanand the tail should  be in your right hand and put it between the legs to the back, under the fabric  and secures with Velcro at the waist on the outside back. Make it tight and secure at the waist in front with the Velcro. (it matters which dhoti to use .. For Lord Gauranga, put the plates in front with the tail in your left hand and put between the legs up behind the fabric and up to the waist and secure with the Velcro on the outside waist. Keep adjusting it until it is situated nicely.

Gaura Nitai Outfit (Bagalbandi Kurta) 4 Inch Dhoti Size

SKU: GN-174
  • 100% made in Vrindavan. Made of Mehendi Colour silk fabric with orange and gold trim. The speciality of this outfit is the Kurta in "Bagalbandi Style". You have to tie this kurta with lace.  This outfit could match with orange OR full gold Crown & Necklace in contrast. (See Deity Crowns and Necklace Sets in Deity Jewellery page to find accessories) 


    Choose your size -according to Dhoti Length.
    Measure Sri Sri Gaura Nitai from waist to top of His lotus feet, with an inches ruler or tape measure. Or measure with a string then measure the length of the string.) The dhoti length in the Size section shows how long the front section hangs. That will determine the size you need. (For example if your measurement is 4" inches from waist to top of Their Lotus Feet, then you need the 4" inches dhoti size) Choose the length that is that size. 

    Care Instructions. Do not wash. Wipe with a damp cloth. Be careful with ironing. Use medium heat and put a cotton cloth between the iron and the outfit.