Made in Vrindavan. It is hand embroidered on Magenta colour silk fabric with beautiful combination of multi colour threads having a beautiful design. The high quality threads and stones are used in this outfit and made by multi talented workers of Vrindavan. This outfit could match with Magenta OR Multi colour Crown and Necklace in contrast. (See Deity Crowns and Necklace Sets in Deity Jewellery page to find accessories).


NOTE: Price changes according to size and style. See Variations.

Choose your size - According to Deity Size.


Contents in Set - Three Skirts for Jagannath, Baldev & Subhadra. Two Chadar for Jagannath & Baldev and One Odhni for Subhadra.

Lord Jagannath Outfit (Magenta with Multi Colour)

  • Know Your Deity Dress Size - Measure Lord Jagannath Deity from top to bottom. Here description of skirt size is given below according to deity size -


    3 Inch Jagannath & Baldev Deity – 2 Inch Skirt. For Subhadra – 1.5 Inch Skirt Size.

    4 Inch Jagannath & Baldev Deity  – 3 Inch Skirt. For Subhadra – 2.5 Inch Skirt Size.

    6 Inch Jagannath & Baldev Deity – 4 Inch Skirt. For Subhadra – 3.5 Inch Skirt Size.

    8 Inch Jagannath & Baldev Deity – 5 Inch Skirt. For Subhadra – 4.5 Inch Skirt Size.


    Care Instructions. Do not wash. Wipe with a damp cloth. Be careful with ironing. Use medium heat and put a cotton cloth between the iron and the outfit. 


    Please Read This - Please note that 5% to 10% variation in color is considered as normal as there are difference in the color of actual product from that seen in a picture or on screen due to light effects. Sometime photo may differ from the actual product due to reproduction limitations of photography and limitations of viewing photos at different resolutions, hue, brightness, contrast and other screen variations are out of control. Actual product received may be slightly different than the product image as handicrafts are manufactured by hand not through machines. So presence of irregularities should not be considered as defects.